About Us

"After I immigrated to Ontario, I imported my Le Mans from England and I wanted to meet all the other Guzzi owners in the province. Through the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club (MGNOC), I was able to track down all the current members, and some of the past members of the club, and we had our first meeting in Omemee in 1991, where 12 Guzzi riders showed up. Since then, I have found about 120 people in Ontario who own Moto Guzzis, mostly through having a club stand at the Spring Bike Show every year, and by word of mouth.

We have one or two breakfast rides each year and for the past few years we have been having a Guzzi rally at a campground on Nipissing Lake, in Lavigne, Ontario. At the moment, over thirty of the 120 or so Guzzi owners are active , or semi-active riders in the Southern Ontario area.

We hope that, through this website, more owners will become active and join us in our rides and activities. If we have enough interest we may become a little more organized and have regular activities for everyone to join in and enjoy the "Guzzi Brotherhood".

So, if you own a Moto Guzzi and live in Ontario, please contact me, Phil Tunbridge, and I'll answer any questions you may have about the Ontario Guzzi Riders.  I'll also be pleased to hear your suggestions for future events or additions to this site."