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March, 2017  Update

Ontario Guzzi Rally Registration is Open!

Greetings, all.  It sure is starting to feel like Spring -- not long now!

We're happy to report that  registration is now open for our annual rally in August.  There are multiple
options for registering, including online through PayPal, and you can find all the information on the
rally page,

Also, great news from Pat Castel, who has managed to score a fantastic door prize for the rally, this
year.  Check this out!

I can't wait to see the look on the lucky winner's face!

Thanks, Pat!!

June, 2017

Moto Guzzi News Express - N 003

Editor Pat Castel's latest edition of Moto Guzzi News Express!

I had a SP1000 once (my first Guzzi), but it never looked like this!

- Paul

Moto Guzzi News Express Download -  N 003  **Click Here**
Things are shaping up for a great rally once again this year.

      As you probably know by now, the headquarters for this year's rally will be the Joli Voyageur (JV),
just down Caron Road, beside the Tavern in

      Registration will be on the porch outside the JV office and Rodney and Carole will welcome
everyone with a drink of their special punch as you get signed in.

      Friday evening will be "Pub Night" at the Tavern with complementary Brats and Burgers, good craft
beers (not complementary!) and great music from Bill Durst, a Canadian Rock/Blues band.
Back at the JV, there will be music of a different sort from the North Bay band, Roadhouse, and probably
a campfire and I'm pretty sure there will be some chicken wings somewhere.....

      Saturday morning, things will get off to a fine start with the now usual buffet breakfast at JV which
will be followed by a group ride to Temagami, approximately an hour away.
In Temagami we will visit the fire tower, from the top of which those adventurous enough to climb it will
be rewarded with a spectacular view.  Rodney is arranging a buffet lunch at a restaurant in Temagami,
but it would help if people can let him know ahead of time that they will be needing lunch.

      After lunch in Temagami we will ride back to Lavigne and get ready for the evening's activities.  
These will include supper at the JV, the usual awards ceremony and the great door prize giveaway.
After this, people will have three choices:

        Socialize around the campfire at JV,
        Listen to Bill Durst down at the Tavern,
        or attend the Lavigne Music festival just down the road.

      The Festival will be similar to last year's event, I believe running from noon to around 11:00pm, and
featuring women musicians playing music of all sorts from country to blues.  I didn't go, but some of
last year's performers sounded really good.  Tickets for the event are $25 in advance, I believe $35 at
the gate and they do sell food and beer. Info at http://lavignesmusicfestivaldemusique.ca

      Sunday morning will come way too soon, but there will be an early continental breakfast so that
people can get under way on their journey back home.

      Again, it should be a great rally and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible, so it would really
help if you could
pre-register for the rally and also let me or Rodney (jolivoyageur@hotmail.com) know if
you'll be wanting lunch on the Saturday ride.

Thanks once again,

Phil Tunbridge
August 25-27, 2017